Wes Berwise & Ruth Koleva London Soul Talk Interview

RUTH KOLEVA LONDON SOULTALK INTERVIEW The ( Pre social-distancing & Lockdown ) Vault Series.


WBSS resumes its deep delve into its London vaults to continue its series of quarantine & lock-down easing interviews, by having a casual chat in north London’s bustling Chalk Farm area, with the with one of Europe’s finest soul & R&B singers, Ruth Koleva.

The pioneering Bulgarian songstress talks openly about her childhood musical influences & her experience of getting her big break on prime time television when she appeared on the nation’s major talent show, before going on to be awarded the Best Female Vocalist prize at the ‘Jazz Ain’t Jazz’ Awards in Japan & appearing with the Belgium national philharmonic orchestra.

Since this interview was recorded Ruth has released a number of albums & singles ranging in style from r&b & break beat to dance thru to pop, all continuing to showcase her smooth and deceptively powerful vocals.

Check out Ruth’s music here on our ‘Must Listen’ YouTube playlist: https://bit.ly/3mXtEpb

Listen to (and Purchase) her latest music here: https://spoti.fi/2S6Z26w

Discover Ruth's popular YouTube Channel : https://bit.ly/337OxGo

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