Wes Berwise & Morgan James London Soul Talk Interview

MORGAN JAMES LONDON SOULTALK INTERVIEW The ( Pre social-distancing & Lockdown ) Vault Series.


WBSS digs deep into its London vaults to continue its series of quarantine & lock-down easing interviews, with an intimate conversation with a Soulful chanteuse who could well be one of the best blue eye soul singers that you’ve never heard of!

Morgan talks passionately about her humble beginnings, her time spent on starring as Teena Marie on Broadway, as well as being signed by her mentor & friend, Berry Gordy.

In addition she also discusses her experiences as an independent soul artist as well as sharing her future musical goal.

Since the filming of this interview Morgan has continued to show dedication to her art by going on to release some very cool albums culminating in her latest independently released album, “Memphis Magnetic”. This album – recorded on analogue tape for authenticity – is comprised of songs which were specifically written for this deeply soulful retro project, and features a whole host of seasoned Memphis soul, funk, & R&B musicians.


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