Phillip Bent


Phillip Bent (born 16 September 1964) is a jazz flautist from London, England, who was a member of the GRP All-Star Big Band. He has made references to a number of musicians as his inspiration, including Bobbi Humphrey, James Newton, Kathryn Lukas (his teacher), William Bennett, and James Galway.


As leader

  • The Pressure (1993)
  • The Magic of Your Spell (2007)

As sideman

With GRP All-Star Big Band

  • GRP All-Star Big Band (1992)
  • Dave Grusin Presents GRP All-Star Big Band Live! (1993)
  • All Blues (1995)

With others

  • Jazz Warriors, Out of Many, One People (1987)
  • Ronny Jordan, The Antidote (1992)
  • Galliano, A Joyful Noise Unto The Creator (1992)
  • The Prodigy, Music For The Jilted Generation, 3 Kilos ( 1994 )
  • Des'ree, Endangered Species (2000)


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